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Unlearning Anxiety and Depression Front


What if everything you thought you knew about anxiety and depression was wrong? What if, instead of mental illnesses or emotional disorders, anxiety and depression are simply habits? You already know about habits—habits are learned and habits can be broken or “unlearned.” This idea may surprise you, but the truth about anxiety and depression isn’t complicated. This book will teach you to unlearn your habits of anxiety and depression—and then coach yourself to do it!

Dr. Joseph Luciani presents his proven Self-Coaching approach that has worked wonders for his patients as well as thousands of readers worldwide. Using a powerful, four-step Mind-Talk strategy, Unlearning Anxiety & Depression combines the science of neuroplasticity with cognitive behavioral psychology and motivational coaching so you can self-coach yourself back to health.

Self-Coaching is all about insight and action. You’ll learn to:
• Stop worrying, anticipating, and controlling life.
• Start living more spontaneously from a place of self-trust.
• Separate facts from insecurity-driven emotional fictions.
• Develop critical awareness of your inner neurotic dialogue.
• Rewire your brain to give you the life you want — the life you deserve.

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